TravMore - Retail Booking Tool

VeTravel’s retail booking tool known as TravMore helps the travel agencies or travel companies to directly deal with the end user of the product. This will help you reduce various hassles of middlemen and thereby no commission or any agreed payment needs to be paid since you yourself are dealing with the end user of the travel service.

We understand that B2C environment includes handling travels on 1:1 basis. This will take a much heavier workload. In such scenario a B2C business should be equipped to manage a much larger prospect pool daily.


  • Flight Search
  • Hotel Search
  • Search Filters
  • De-duplication of Hotel Search Result
  • Automated Emails/SMS for Vouchers/
  • E-tickets
  • Extranet Hotel Search
  • Dynamic package Flight + hotel
  • Calendar Price Matrix
  • Multiple Payment options
  • My Customer Login
  • Map Based Search
  • Online Cancellations
  • Cross Selling for Multiple Products
  • Multiple LCC & GDS Connectivity
  • Hotel Compare & Buy
  • Cached Results
  • Loyalty Rule Engine for Earn & Burn
  • Travellers Profile Management
  • Account management and Trip History