DASH - Travel Mid -Office Solution

(Dynamic – Adaptive – Secure – Holistic)

In order to succeed in your travel business, you must have a robust and highly efficient travel mid office solution. It is the backbone of your business, if it has loopholes or if it fails to deliver the necessary results the whole business fails.

VeTravel travel mid office solution DASH i.e. very DYNAMIC in nature, can easily ADAPT to your systems and integrate smoothly with it, is SECURE and safeguards your precious data and is HOLISTIC in nature. DASH is a travel management system software that works in tandem with the sales channels and suppliers. It facilitates and manages the bookings, inquiry, administration, agent management, customer management and supplier management of travel companies. DASH has a comprehensive admin panel which is centralised multi GDS compatibility (Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo & Wordspan). For better clarity and decision-making process DASH offers multiuser, multi-currency, multi department and dynamic reporting. It is most efficient and customisable which will help in various travel business related challenges.


  • Quick Graphical Desktop view – Bookings, Comparison, Products, Enquiry etc.
  • Company management
  • IP based restriction for staff access, works on range of IP
  • Exchange range management
  • Roles & rights-based access for complete security
  • Manual booking for Flight, Hotel, Transfer etc.
  • CMS - B2C & B2B advertisements
  • Markup management
  • Staff management
  • Supplier management
  • MIS generation
  • Universal PNR concept- Single view booking window for all information
  • Quotation management
  • Rate Management
  • Full Transaction Reports
  • Manage Enquiries
  • Booking Queue management
  • Order Management System – To manage online and offline bookings