ERP Solution

TravBooks - ERP Solution

Travel and tourism industry is one of the most powerful and ever-growing industries in our present times. A lot of employment gets generated due to this sector. As there is a lot of growth and potential in this sector, there is also a lot of competition which this industry faces. A lot of emphasis is provided to customer service in this sector. Accurate information about the customer and all the provided services is a must for those organizations who wants to be successful.

Enterprise Resource Planning is a must for modern travel company. It facilitates the travel companies by helping them provide exceptional customer service, maintaining corporation a coordination between the departments. ERP systems helps in cost cutting and increase the company’s efficiency.


  • Financial accounting module
  • Fixed assets module
  • Customer relationship management module
  • Reports management system
  • Quality management module
  • Enterprise controlling module
  • Investment management system
  • Pre-sales and marketing management system