TravSorted – Hotel Extranet

VeTravel’s TravSorted is the hotel central reservation system, it is used mostly in hotel and resort industry. It stores the information of various hotels in an organised manner in a centralised inventory management repository. TravSorted helps the travel companies in reaching the global distribution system or GDS along with the internal distribution channel.

TravSorted facilitates the functioning of agencies, travel companies, hospitality partners to manage online booking quickly and efficiently. Hotel industry is very dynamic in nature, in order to be ahead of the competition, you as a travel business should have technical know-how and have a hotel extranet in place. TravSorted helps you connect with global clients by providing them with unique search and booking functionality. It also helps you create your and promote your private inventory, create your own hotel listings, compete from existing hotels from GDS or suppliers with your private inventory.


  • Hotel Master & Amenities Association
  • Amenities Master
  • Room Types Master
  • Room Master & Amenities Association
  • Room Inventory Management
  • Room Rate Management
  • Unique Supplier Content Mapping
  • Reports (Sales, Inventory)
  • Recommendation Management
  • Supplier Reconciliation
  • Search private inventory